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2i's Vision for EDC and CampusAnyware

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Small to medium size Universities or Colleges (UC) are not served well by large software vendors. These UC's do not have the resources of larger, better-funded Universities and would benefit from a system that automates many of those processes where their hard-working human resources are in short-supply, if not overwhelmed.

Since each institution has different operating protocols and conditions, a "one-size-fits-all" solution will not work, so a flexible and customizable base system is needed, with modules that allow customization to meet the specific needs of each UC:

1. The workflow of the system has to be efficient, but its effectiveness comes from providing user-defined labels to allow for the language/culture of the UC. The system also needs to provide user-defined functionality that builds on the common base, or to provide seamless integration with the UC internal information system or Third-party supplied solutions.

2. The system has to be student-centric, with the goal that any adverse change in a student's situation that may interfere with their pathway to successful graduation has to be noted and instantly communicated to everyone that needs to know. Such diagnostics have to be functionally built in to the system, but the triggers and notifications need to be customized by the institution.

3. The system has to have flexible and rich communication tools. These tools should not only be easy to use, but must conform to the expectations of the student population. Communication must be instant and to all concerned recipients-advisers, professors, administrators and, potentially even parents or employers.

4. There needs to be two strands woven into the system's fabric. First it has to meet silo data, data entry and reporting requirements efficiently and effectively. Second, it has to have diagnostic and predictive metrics in easy-to-read dashboards for either silo or global workers to make student-centric decisions.

5. The system has to be cost-effective and an overall fair value for the UC that may struggle with funding and enrollment.

Once I get feedback posts on this blog I will continue with 2i's vision for CampusAnyware.

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