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Tableau Reporting

By Dr. Joseph Spiteri

While CampusAnyware already has an extensive library of Crystal Reports to meet your administrative needs, 2i-EDC’s new management has extensive data mining and analysis experience and will introduce updated and enhanced reporting using minimarts, cubes, Tableau extracts, Tableau workbooks and Tableau views. These reports will enhance administrative decision-making, as well as provide senior managers with a powerful tree-top view of their College. It will now be possible to view each student’s progress from enrollment to graduation on one screen. We call this powerful report, the Student College Case History.

Moodle by 2i-EDC Technology Hosting Services Now Available

By Dr. Joseph Spiteri

2i-EDC can now host Moodle. We have the expertise to help you put your lesson plans on-line. For example, all of our training materials have been placed online with Moodle LMS.  SIS support of Moodle LMS is advantageous, as SIS enhancements will integrate automatically with Moodle, without third party involvement or cost. Whatever information is entered into either system can automatically update to both (2-way information exchange) decreasing the time involved and avoiding confusion.

Predictive Metrics

By Dr. Joseph Spiteri

Metrics and psychometrics can be used to greatly enhance recruitment and retention efforts by any College or University. The traits of your successful students and graduates can be analyzed to identify the factors necessary for success at your institution, as well as to identify at-risk students.  These analyses can potentially detect diamond-in-the-rough students for recruitment.  They can also help to identify enrolled students in need of proactive assistance to succeed. 


Metrics could include such factors as test scores, grades, high school, transfer institution, military service, financial status and work experience. 


Psychometrics could include such factors as perseverance, grit, tenacity, embeddedness, connection, motivation and self-discipline.  


In the coming months, we will report findings from 2i-EDC research in the area of Predictive Analytics.

Upcoming Events

Campus Anyware Annual User Conference 2018

To Be Determined

Check back for more details 


2019 Annual ABACC Conference

Feburary 26 - March 2, 2019

To Be Determined
ABACC American Business Adminstration of Christian Colleges

Join us at our booth and get the opportunity to meet with Dr. Joe Spiteri at breakout sessions throughout the conference. Dr. Spiteri will be introducing 2i-EDC Technology's soon to be released budget and forecasting, and predictive analytics solutions.

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